Verne legal offers services
covering all aspects of
international business and tax law


Verne Legal offers services covering all aspects of international business and tax law. We identify with the entrepreneurial spirit of our clients. The extensive international skills of our team members allow them to identify the key aspects of cultural differences and consider them in building the right international development strategy.

Verne Legal advises their clients on French and European Law, especially in corporate, restructuring, commercial contracts, tax, labour and real estate matters.


Setting up a company in France. Restructuration and fund raising. Shareholders’ agreements, resolving disputes between business partners. Audit. Debt recovery.

Commercial contracts and Labour Law

Distribution agreements, contracts for the international sale of goods, commercial agents. General terms and conditions for B2B, B2C, e-commerce.


Mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures. Negotiations and audit of target French and foreign companies. Guarantees. Buying an insolvent company.

Tax/Customs and International Trade

French and international tax law. Customs compliance and clearance procedures, implementation of free trade agreements. Inheritance of assets in France.

Labour law/Posting of employees

International mobility, posting of employees. Contracts and conditions of hiring an employee. Daily employer rights and duties.

Real estate in France

Real estate acquisition, assistance in notarial procedures. Tax on real estate. Renting the real estate premises in France.

IT/New technologies

Data protection. Development and Consulting Services agreements. IT support/services/ outsourcing agreements.


Start-up packs: legal assistance for startups on all phases of their development. Assistance in international development.

Legal dispute resolution

Business mediation and conciliation procedures.
Court representation in France, as well as extra judiciary institutions such as ICC in Paris.

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